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So ladies and gents, a most unique update for you all.

I've been on vacation for the past week or so in Puerto Rico, and let me tell you its been nothing but the purest expression of Hell I can ever imagine. Conspiracy, lies, deception, getting my ankle run over by the rental car, smacked in the face, constant verbal abuse, public humiliation… the description of Hell.

The saddening irony, this was all done by someone I thought I loved, someone I trusted with nearly every secret I had and whom had my complete and utter trust. I realize now that i've been lead by the nose, deceived unlike ever before, manipulated and betrayed. However, i'm not looking at this in a negative light, if anything i'm finding that there's a slew of lessons to be learned form this experience, among them the realization that i'm not ready for a relationship at this point in my life, and i'm perfectly fine with that. I'm also realizing that there's a lot for me to learn and grow as a human being, that I need to be careful and not leak out to others, to control myself and keep composure even when under the most extreme of stress. I now know what true love isn't, though I have yet to know what true love is, there is no fear in not knowing; it will happen on its own when i'm ready and when time is ready. I know now how to avoid being sold lies and following them so easily just because I think i'm in love.

The true conflict will be in the coming day or two, since she's already spinning a web of lies trying desperately to gather allies, since she's burned every bridge she had. I am uncertain of what will happen these next two days, i'm a little nervous...

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I am a poet/writer, its in my blood. I write what I see in my mind, what I see in the world, and what I think and feel. For me, writing is as instrumental as is breathing, I cannot function without it.

My writing varies from subject to subject, depending on how I may feel on any given day. One day I may write a romantic tale whist the next I find myself writing a suspense or terrifying tale; it all depends. For me writing is a pure expression of one's Soul and Mind; putting the deepest of thoughts onto parchment, manipulating words into either works of beauty or works of dread.

Using the flexible power of the word, one can flood another's mind with powerful visions or images; or have the power to move the very strings of Earth and Man.

So inquire to me about my thoughts and views, i'm always one for a good debate/discussion.
Enjoy the gallery.

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